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    DE Bay Bill Surf

    Anybody get a chance to check the surf in the DE Bay late saturday or sunday? I know there were a couple people who were interested in checking it. Buoy 44009 was predicting 5' surf near Slaughter Beach. Msg me if you don't want to tell everyone . I ended up catching it good @ Herring Point, the cove, and assateague.

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    ocean city bay near the inlet was breaking

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    Quote Originally Posted by surfswell View Post
    ocean city bay near the inlet was breaking

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    Thumbs down


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    What? u know spanish hahahaha

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    I specifically checked out the bay wave near the oc inlet on sat afternoon before i made it to the beach. It was only about 1 foot and not nearly ridable. Anyone have pictures of these bay waves?

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    No, the Deleware Bay

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    I know that I talked about it but I stuck around my place in downtown OC and scored good waves from Friday to Monday. By the time I got out of the water on Saturday I was too exhausted to do anything besides get some fish tacos and sleep.