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    Wave Skater Pro Bodyboards

    Anyone have any experience, feedback, or thoughts on these BBs.

    I was thinking of picking one up for hurricane season.

    From what I've read they are supposed to be good for big waves.
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    wave skater body boards are the best body boards ive ever ridden they are very fast and boyant and easy to ride drop knee. I highly suggest one.

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    Switched to a 48" Wave Skater this year. Rides fast and high. Doesn't flex like most Morey type boards.

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    By far these are the best boards i've ever ridden. I've been boarding for approx. 25 years. They are fast boards with excellent control, they spin like a top and are a dream for drop knee. I loved the board so much that I am now the Delaware - Maryland Dealer for Bruce of, e-mail with any questions, hope this helps. Matt at