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    i use it on all my boards all the time. i also use it to clean my hands after dirty work

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    i manufacture boards for living. i DO NOT recommend that you use acetone on your board as it will break down the resin (granted this process takes longer with cured resin but it will still happen) and affect the structural integrity of the board. i do not wipe down my boards with acetone between laminating and hotcoat. i use paint thinner as it removes any dirt or fingerprints without harming the board. just my $.02.

    also, acetone is very bad stuff. please use extreme care when using. wear gloves and dont inhale this stuff. i cannot stress enough how dangerous acetone can be when handled incorrectly.

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    Yes, I work with fiberglass all the time at my work. Acetone will eventually break down the boards glassing, but will take a very long time. i use it to strip waxes and glues as well. But definitely use gloves and do it outside or wear a respirator! This stuff is very toxic don't be stupid because you think it doesn't hurt you. This stuff will soak right through your skin and into your body and bloodstream.

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    I'm taking this thread in a slightly different direction. A corner of my traction pad has come loose. Is there a brand of glue or adhesive I can use to re-stick the pad to my board's deck?

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    I've always used super glue.

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    I used krazy glue. Worked like a charm

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    nail glue from CVS for $.99

  8. i use the juice from my grandmothers douchebag

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    $20 but can be used over and over and over...