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    8' 6" log for sale- like new condition

    I am selling an 8' 6" Ward longboard. It has a heavy glass job 10oz, 10 and 10 on the deck.

    23" x 3" x 181/2" one foot from the nose

    I have ridden the board about 10 times and it has no dings and is in like new condition.

    Also have an 8'6" day bag that I would like to sell with it.


    it is a really fun board, ideal log for a smaller guy or chica who can ride.
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  2. If you don't mind me saying... you shouldn't keep your leash wrapped around your board when keeping it stored. Just a bit of advice I picked up over the years.

    Nice board. Good luck with the sale.

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    I've heard this too. Why is this? I've never had any problems with my leashes by doing this and even if i did, a leash is only $20.

  4. Great question, StuckinVA.

    Dontcha hate it when you get the wave lined up, pop up, and find that you have lassoed your feet together with your leash? It's because you've trained it to stay in tight loops.

    When not using your leash, take it off, and hang it by the small (board) side, letting the ancle cuff hang freely. This way the leash stays extended and no loops or crinkles (sp?) are put into the leash.

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    thanks Mofo... I was wondering why I keep getting hog-tied in the impact zone....

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    Hmm, that explains a lot because every time i sit on my board, I always have to adjust my leash so that the actual leash, strapped to my ankle, is pointed outward. This usually prevents being tied up but yeah, I should have better leash habits..

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    one of my leashes is in a knot that i dont know how to get out. any ideas? not a big idea its just kinda annoying

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    What you want to do is find a nice round cup or glass, also get a good knife with the back of the blade really dull, then go to your car and start it up. once you turn it on, you drive down the street. You'll get to a store that sells surfboard items and you'll walk inside. Tell the clerk behind the register you need a new leash, pay for it and leave. Once you leave, go home and throw your old leash away. Presto, your leash is fixed.

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    Hey, there's this really cool log for sale just in time for a swell...

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    im down if the price is right