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Thread: Greetings

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    4/3 for the winter with a ripcurl heatskin w/ attached hood. 5 mil and 3 mil boots and gloves. The 4/3 can be tough when there is a strong wind though...

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    So weird! I was just coming here to post the same question, except I'll probably only be in the water till November at the latest as snowboarding picks up then. Wont return till April/May. Would a 3/2 be fine or would a 4/3 be better choice. Really only looking to get one suit. Thanks all.

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    Better to err on the thicker side

    If you only are getting one, go thicker, you can always flush some cold water in if you get hot. It's tough to warm up if the suit is too thin though. If you really are not going into the water in early april a 3/2 will be fine. November is not too bad. But early april can be frigid.

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    you can't only have one suit and claim to surf in the northeast. not possible.

    i think you get by with this:

    1mm top

    2 pairs of boots, gloves

    a 4/3 and shortsleeve are nice additions

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    Early April can still be pretty darn cold.... Also some of the best surf comes in during the winter and early spring months so I would def go with the 4/3. You can always use it during the warmer months where as you can't use the 3/2 when its too cold.

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    4/3 it'll be then. I usually hang till late september early october with just a hotskin and 5mm booties but i find myself getting really bored till the snow starts to fall, so a longer wet season it is. thanks for the help guys

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    Quote Originally Posted by he rides what? View Post
    ...I usually hang till late september early october with......5mm booties
    really? 5mm booties in sept/oct? did i miss-read?

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    makes up for the lack of lower insulation. It's more of a precaution thing. Last October I was out for like 4 hours , dont know what the temp was but when it came time to stand as I came in I realized my feet were blue and couldn't feel them. I thought my fins were just finally broken in lol Got the 5s because of a good deal. They never really feel like they're too much. I've worn them in the summer too when I have blisters just ot protect them.

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    Ughh in ocean city there is no need to really wear any sort of boots until early nov. I mean it is sept now and the water is the warmest it has been all year. Strange post

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    My bad, I missed his exception about winter. But still, March is still a pretty cold month. I keep my hood on most of March between wind on a wet head and surfer ear and all. Hell, one day about a month ago I nearly had to go home and grab it.