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Thread: Finally

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    We got waves in the summer time...kinda. Hurricane Bill...kinda ok. Danny....let down. I should have known that a good old fashioned Nor-easter would do it of us. Overhead and barrels. Screw hurricane season...bring on the fall and the non-tropical low pressure systems. And the sand is finally right for a south swell...crossin my fingers. But at least yesterday has me smiling ear to ear for at least today and tomorrow.

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    Yea those swells sucked... Keep stayin home


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    Bill Good, Danny good, nor'easter good. Its hard to complain in my opinion about the last few weeks of surf. If you didn't get good waves, then you missed it. Tropical storm swells are always overhyped, and the fall frontal systems swells are almost always better.

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    Bill was sick. Three days of head high waves. Danny was good for being a TS. Sat and Sunday were good for Danny. Don't ever dog Hurricane season because you suck. You complain about having waves. What is wrong with you? Stay in Jersey, you bum.