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  1. Speedfreaksdvd Filming for DVD #3 this weekend OCNJ

    Hey guys im going to be filming this weekend in ocnj on sat for my 3rd DVD and was wondering if anyone wants to come out and get a little wild with us. im still a new guy when it comes to surfing so im not much to film but i would love to get a few guys together that know what there doing so i can get some good footage.
    All my filming revolves around fast cars, mudding in the trucks, racing and just gettin wild heres a link to my web site video clips page so you guys can get a feel for what im about.

    A little bit about me just to fill everyone in. Im an A class DRifter. My drift car is a vert nissan 240 and a super charged honda s2000. I also film, edit and produce all my video clips, DVDs And have a clothing line. I am the owner of speedfreaksdvd/ fastway productions inc.

    Thanks Guys
    Nick Fantanarosa

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    I dont live in nj but your two cars sound awesome. how much is your s2k pushin?

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    But are you fast and furious?

  4. Thanks man. It's putting down 350 wheel horse.

  5. Quote Originally Posted by souljahsky View Post
    But are you fast and furious?
    Lol. F u c k yea

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    yo dood,

    Meet me at the end of 11th Avenue (Bayside) 6AM Saturday to see the real sh it. We are not talking surfing waves like a bunch of girls, we are talking hardcore- skate action on a surfboard. Rails, 360 jumps, a noise grind down a staircase with a 9'0 BIC board. Bring a lunch too bro, i'm probably going to rail-slide the entire Somers Point/OC Bridge (never filmed before) on my Channel Islands POD yoouuuuuuwwwp.

    I want to get in on some of that drag racing too. You think you can attach my BIC board to your car i can do some "Teen-Wolf" style sh it, maybe some other gnarly surf/drag hybrids.

    see you at 6, stoked.


  7. O **** jimmmy u sound so sick I'll def strap u to my truck and drag u all around the bayside. And the 360s Dddawn bro on a log like that u gotta be pro status. This is gonna be sick. F u ck meeting at 600 let's do breakfast at 530.
    F a g lol

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    Head down to Corsons Inlet park Saturday and check the beach/inlet side surf for some good wave action.
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  9. Is that the gardens your talking about?

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