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    Phish is the greatest surf-rock band ever

    Lets all face it, Jack Johnson is a *****. Sublime is like listening to someone throw up hot garbage. Rolling Stone has called The Beach Boys "the worst band ever created..." And the world would have been better off if **** Dale and the Deltones were on a plane that crashed into Link Wray's house while he was sleeping, on second thought he should be awake and get his arms and legs ripped off to make up for creating that God-aweful song "Rumble".

    If you are looking for a good tune to jam out to pre-sess, or chill to post-sess check out Phish. Phish is by far the greatest surf-rock band ever, and I don't believe it's a stretch to say that they are the greatest rock band ever created. Rolling Stone has ranked Phish as the third greatest rock band. They are only preceded by Led Zeppelin, who we all know ripped their songs off of Scott Joplin and The Bolden Band, and The Beatles which is fair. It's a trip to rock out to "Jaunta", "Billy Breathes", or "Rift" right before you go shred, I guarantee you will not have a better time, unless you toke up on shrooms. So guys keep it real, rock out to Phish and bring the three "p's" into this world, peace, pot, and populism!

    - Bob Marley isn't my name. I don't even know my name yet. ---- Bob Marley
    - Never know your name, always question what your name truly is and continually change your name. --- Pokesmot420

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    must kill all hippies

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    if interested check out gary hoeys monster surf cd
    great pre/post sesh music

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    Your assertion is most incorrect.

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    I like sublime

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    Quote Originally Posted by aka pumpmaster View Post
    must kill all hippies
    im with that

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    Jesus not another one of these threads...

    Look Pokesmot, most people on here are stuck in that whole "Sublime, Red Hot Chili Peppers, and Slightly Stoopid," Scene. So if anything your just asking to get flamed.

    Phish is all good, but I guarantee you this is just a phase your going through. You can only be gun hoe for phish for so long. Trust me, I used to be the same as you. Seen them live countless times. Was even there for their returning concert at Hampton.

    Just a little advice, don't talk trash artists, especially the likes Led Zepplin and Sublime. It just makes you sound ignorant. Trust me man, I make music, and half the stuff I hear makes me want to pull my ears off. It doesn't change the fact their music is still heard, absorbed, and loved by millions. Do yourself a favor, and keep an open mind to music, then you won't have to hate on everything so much.

    P.S. Find yourself a copy of Live Phish 7. It was a show from Tinley Park in Chicago, around 95-96. Best phish show ever, just find it for yourself and you will agree.

    P.P.S. I see another chance to plug my music, and well I can't resist. So if you wanna hear what my music is all about just click the link. Its mid tempo, hip hop instrumentals, I think you may like it.
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    Phish?.......definitely not a fan.....

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    I bet you smell great!