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    what does a night in the campground cost? $15 bucks? But no- can't do that- got to sleep on the beach like billybadass & give ammunition to those who would restrict beach access for people and vehicles.

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    I livved on the OBX for several years, and I would not recommend sleeping on the beach at Hatteras for several reasons.
    1. They do patrol the beaches, and I can guarantee that they will come by at least once during the night.
    2. There is already enough problems driving on the OBX without people (especially surfers) breaking the law and making us all look bad. We don't need anymore restrictions.
    3. If I remember correctly, it's quite a large fine if you get caught. Upwards of $250 if I remember correctly.

    Their are several campgrounds in the area that are less than 30 bucks a night. Frisco Woods, Oregon Inlet State park, as well as several others I can get names for if you are interested. This is the safest way to go for all involved, you don't get a large fine and make surfers look bad, and you support the local economy during their slow time.
    Just my thoughts on the idea.
    Thanks, Scott

    P.S.- You might want to check to see if your even allowed to drive during that period. I know they were limiting the times and areas you could drive during certain times of the year.

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    there definitely patrolling in October and I think you need to have a permit now for night driving on that beacch

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    100% chance of getting caught. They (rangers) salivate for something like this. They would probably call in a couple of choppers and perhaps even a Coast Guard cutter (just kidding of course). If ranger did not see you, one of the "bird" brains would most certainly turn you in. All they want is another reason to further restrict access. I am even suspicious of the events that have occured recently of vehicle tracks within restricted nesting areas and turtle nests, most likely those that oppose beach access, thus providing more ammunition for additional closures. Frisco campground is great for $20, Frisco woods a little more expensive. If Rodanthe is breaking KOA is an option although a lil more expensive. There is another campground just south of KOA that charges $26 a night, only 4 tent sites but they are only about 50 yards from the beach.