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  1. Quote Originally Posted by Kokopelli View Post
    Uh...hey mofo, why are you acting like such a tool?

    I dont know if you read the thread correctly, but it says "Local NJ shapers". Therefore, I don't understand why you would think posting a link to a local NJ shaper's website is out of line. Ironically, the shapers link I posted was there last year and probably will be there again this year. You should probably just stick to events in CALi....

    P.S - On the east coast we don't refer to people as peeps, so unless you want to look a kook, I would just keep quiet

    #1. I'm not acting like a tool. I apoligize if that's how it read. He was advertising that there were shapers from NJ that were going to be attending the show and then a few people started posting links to NJ shapers as if he was asking to get hold of one. He wasn't. I wasn't specifically aiming my comment directly at you, but if that's how you want to interpret it, so be it. I laughed because I see this all the time, people will respond to a thread without comprehending what the thread was about. On all forums. I was pointing this out. If you were interpreting this as me being a****, I'm sorry, I didn't mean to come off like that. I was just pointing out that this had nothing to do with him trying to find a shaper, but him letting everybody know that this event was going to be going on.

    #2. Nobody else on the west coast that I know of says “peeps” either. I don’t really care. I have also been known to drop “that’s the bees knees” and “humdinger” on occasion. However “Cali” is just one of those words that most people out here cringe when they hear. But hey, say it if you want. I’m not a regulatory agency or anything. I’m sure you have regional dialect that you use to clue you in to those from out of your neck of the woods and you cringe when you hear out of towners drop those comments, it’s the same thing with the word “Cali”. No big deal, man. Call it what you want. I’m just letting you know that when somebody from California hears “Cali” we automatically assume “tourist”. If you really want to abbreviate it down go “SoCal” or “NorCal” man. It just doesn’t scream “Im not from around here” as much. Damn, I’m just trying to help.

  2. Quote Originally Posted by Moonie View Post
    That's right we aren't from Cali, that's why this is the "Mid Atlantic Surf Talk" thread.
    Cali can have your Pompous A$$

    Oh man, I feel so low. You got me. Your comments above are indeed the definition of a flame job. Good work. I have been shamed in front of all my peers. I can see that you have spent considerable time and effort in preparing your witty retort. Damn. And just when I thought I was making friends. Oh well. Back to PA I go. Good job Moonie. You hurt my feelings and made me cry.

    Just curious... "pompous"?

    I really came off as pompous? I aim for "informative and witty", sometimes the internet doesn't convey the sarcasm or wit the way I think it does.

    Sorry, please feel free to call it whatever you want. Hell, our goven-ator can't even pronounce the name of our state. "Kally-For-Niah".

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    Graham Preston is an excellent shaper and hand crafts all his boards. He taught me how to shape and i been doing it for about 3 years now stoked to have a great shaper like him teach me

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    boneyard and matador surfboards

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    Wow I will try not to be on call that day I would really like to go check this out as well

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    .......why does EVERY forum turn into a battle of words like this one has... jesus.... please keep the thread alive for what it IS WORTH and not blah blah blah back and forth. do it on your own time.

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    check out Heriatage Surfboards out of Sea Isle. I have a 5'11'' and it gets nasty speeds. They are also priced very well

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    anybody know if they are having another this year? sounds awesome

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    We haven't planned it yet. I'm getting married in the fall and Jon is busy with his family. We might try to throw something together for mid October.

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    Quote Originally Posted by rDJ View Post
    We haven't planned it yet. I'm getting married in the fall and Jon is busy with his family. We might try to throw something together for mid October.

    this is kinda funny...i was just about to post a thread over on the erBB forum asking about this.
    i was really stoked on last year's event...the surf was fun, if a bit sloppy, & geeking out on all the boards was really neat! really glad you're still planning this, even w/ everything else you guys have going on! maybe oct. will prove the best one yet!

    ps-if someone wants to bring a mini-simmons type of board in the 5'5"-5'7" range, i'm pretty sure i'd be all over it.