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it seems to me that fiberglass boards get messed fairly quickly with pressure dings,spider cracks, etc. and an epoxy board will last me longer. I've rode poly boards since i started surfing and am tired of buying another board every year or so cause they get screwed up. so i thought i should go with a epoxy this time around,hopefully it will last me longer, but im not sure how i will like the ride of an epoxy vs a poly. Plus i dont have alot of $ to drop on a new custom board by a local shaper.
Here is your dilemma, Nitsu. I would imagine that since you are going through a board a year, either you are really really clumsy, you have been buying $300 china pop outs, or you surf at least every other day. I am going to assume the later that you surf often. You will be moderately happy with a surftech, but that love wont last more than a few days.
I've had them before, what you make up in durability you lose in flex. Therefore if you actually are a decent surfer, the flex change will really aggravate you. They did better with the T2, but that will cost you more (which seems to be your problem as well).

They are okay. If I was a weekend warrior and only paddled out once a month I might consider buying one. But I surf way too often and need to feel the flex out of the turns, I also could not stand the chatter from the board in good waves with a little surface texture. That was almost as frustrating as the lack of flex.

If you want my opinion (which I am assuming you do by posting the original question), I would contact Moonlight Glassing in SD CA (ALL my boards are glassed there) or ask them if they will be sending any boards out to any shops in your area and check those places out. Their boards are usually a little more $$, but the glassing will allow the board to last much longer than the boards that you are riding now. Also, build your quiver man. That is the whole secret to having boards last longer. I have boards that I have ridden less than a dozen times sitting in my quiver at home just waiting for the right day. Because of this I am able to rotate my boards on a daily basis and keep them much longer than a daily driver that I would beat up in no time. Buy a good board with good glassing, then at your convenience start shopping for steals. Start with a fish, then a step up, then another, etc. Next thing you know, you have a few boards and you can start selling off one or two of those and replacing them with a "really nice custom" fish. And keep going. Build your quiver. That will keep your boards longer than any other means.

I hope this helps.