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    im assuming flex decks have a good amount of flex based on the name

    but i assure you, original boards can have crazy flex. depends what weight rating you get, but i thnk even the heaviest one will still flex a good amount. if i jumped in hte middle of my middleweight it would easily hit the ground. havn't bottomed out riding though

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    I ride a G&S Fiberflex with Orginal trucks. Although it's not technically a carveboard, that sucka rides better than one. It is very much like surfing when you're doing downhill at 25 mph.

    The board itself has a ****pile of flex and the spring-loaded trucks just make it all that more carvey. It does get a little squirly when you get over 25 mph. I love that board. I have a few others (orginal, sector 9, etc.) but none can even compete with that one.

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    Has anyone tried a Hamboard before?they look pretty sick jsut mad expensive

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    Quote Originally Posted by SearchForShacks View Post
    i ride my brothers old sure grip skateboard no idea of the dementions its great, you have to get creative to get the surf feeling sometimes, pumping for speed vs pushing, i like to do all types of powerslides and turns, yesterday me and some friends were skateing and i saw a puddle got creative and threw buckets of spray, good time.. also another great idea is find a unpainted wooden ramp (like the park and ride pier out to the marsh) wait till its raining or the ramp is still wet and you can slide your brains out once again it takes creativity but if you have some its for sure a great time
    How many times a week do you change your bearings? ahha don't they get effed up form the wetness

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    I ride an Original Hybrid 35. It's all about the trucks. They offer a great product with excellent customer service.
    I also have a Loaded Vanguard which I really like, but my Original is hands down the best board I've ever had that mimicks surfing and doesn't cost a lot.

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    Koastal skateboards with revenge trucks. have a blast

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    Quote Originally Posted by normandysurf View Post
    Has anyone tried a Hamboard before?they look pretty sick jsut mad expensive
    dude those things look sick

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    hamboards use original trucks, thats why they turn so good. i heard they are fun for a half hour. then they are just huge boards

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    i just bought a original hybrid 35 a few days ago its really sick. very much like surfing if you can find some nice smooth banks