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    ocean beach pier, san diego
    no, you won't run into any of the guys we're talking about at the breaks you mentioned. those are all pretty well-known breaks and if you do encounter one of these guys there, it won't be the same.

    the inner-asshole only comes out in a surfer when he is surrounded by his cronies at their tucked-away, perhaps fickle break they call home. i'm guilty of it; i think it's human nature - but at least i'm aware of it and fight for my life to suppress it when some noob from germany cuts me off here at the pier. or... you can be consumed by it like the goons at the south mission jetty.

  2. Best Lefts are Horseshoes, Hospitals, and Little Point. Also they are all walking distance from eachother. MIke Losness and Gabe Kling were surfing at Horseshoes and Hospitals last weekend which would suggest that the spots are that good.