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Thread: R.i.p

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    I dont know if you folks heard about this or not. Someone got struck by lightning at WB today so my prayers are out to his family and friends


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    Yea. That **** sucks. Be safe out there people.

    Here is the story

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    damn. thats wild. thats aweful.

    My curious side is wondering what affects the lightening strike had on the other individuals in the surrounding area in the water. I wonder if the surfers got minor electrical shocks from the lightening as well. It sounds like since the swimmer was fully submerged when it struck, that he took on 100% of the shock. I'm curious as to what the other felt while they were out there. I wonder what kind of a diameter in the water a stike of lightneing would affect. interesting, but tragic.

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    I feel very bad for him and his freinds unless of course he was a kook

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    This is to you and only you. You are a pathetic piece of crap. No, this is not the trash talking I usually see on here. It is an observation from an actual intelligent human being with a heart, to a heartless piece of trash. You are the only kook on here after a comment like that man.

    If anyone who knows the guy who was struck, or his family and read that comment, please disregard what that ignoramus NCsurfer has written. And to you NCsurfer, as they say, karma is a B&*#h.

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    a friend of mime was actually about two streets down in the water when the bolt struck this guy... your never think it will happen... then it does.. i was out of town when this happened. i don't know what the sky was like or how the weather was when it happened.. but be careful everyone. im sure no body was really expecting that bolt. Scary stuff.

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    That is Sad.

    It seems as surfers, if the surf is good, sometimes we ignore the thunderstorms while we are in the water. Just a reminder that you have to take this serious, and definitely get out of the water if things are looking ominous.

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    do you obviously believe that NCsurfer really meant that if he was a kook it's ok he died? If so, then you are more of an ignoramus than NCsurfer is. He was attempting humor that may or may not have been funny to some. Let it go man. It's obvious it's a horrible thing someone got zapped by lightning, but let's be real, NONE OF US have any business being in the water when there is lightning. This is a perfect example of why we shouldn't.

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    Look, no offense, but the comment was not made to you, so do not attack me. The comment I made was in the right and directed exactly to him- not to you. Obviously I do not think he meant it, and OBVIOUSLY I think it is pretty darn silly to be in the water when there is lightning around. However, joking or not, it was not right, nor was it something to joke about. So, that is all I was saying. Hope all is well during this little flat spell...

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    I"m not attacking you at all. I just think you need to chill. I would be on your side if you believed that he actually meant it, but you even admitted that it was OBVIOUS he didn't. So why are you getting worked up over something you know wasn't heartfelt. If you were a friend or family member of this guy then I can understand how it would upset you, but if you aren't then you are just playing the holier-than-thou card, and that isn't cool. Haven't you heard the saying laughter is the best medicine for the soul?

    Oh one more thing. I surf better than you