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  1. I'm 5'11 X 195 and I ride a 5'6 velo sims. Maybe talk to a good local shaper about something along these lines?

    If I can do a 5'6, you should be able to have your shaper go around 5 foot on one of these, believe it or not. Picture yourself on a board that small. It's kinda nuts on a good overhead day, but you can fly and make sections like you couldn't believe... they are nutso. This one was shaped by Ian Zamora.

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    hey Antide Surfboards, definately post some pics of the board. I just moved to Galloway from LBI. So Ive been surfing AC for the past few months. I would love to check out the board. I havnt surfed OC too much. Do you have a website? Chemistry is letting me put on my own custom art as well so that is why I was leaning towards them, that and the fact that I love the Dagger I have from them.

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    get the merrick POD

    i got you, i am also looking for a similar, board but im 5"7 145. check the ...lost rocket. the board gorkin and wardo ride in all the lost movies. i saw a sick 5'4x19.25x2.25 one with diamond tail five fine set up so it can be a thuster and quad. also check out the al merrick pod, which is what i am really looking at. rides just like a normal shortboard but goes super fast in real tiny waves and is loose. they say to order it like 6-8inches shorter. check out the mf..i think is also sick, more or a fish though. thats the board dane rode in france and killed it on..and got robbed on.

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    if you really want a skate style board then look at the ozzie wright model from santa cruz. he is the definition of skate style surfing. my friend has the 5'8 model and you can pop ollies on 2 ft high waves. its probably your best bet.

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    here are pics of the board. it can be ridden as a quad, single fin, or thruster. Anyone who wants to demo this board is more then welcome too, just let me know and we can set this up.

    I do have a website, its



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    buy my wrv it's a 6'0 but its a retro shape thruster super fun light and wide easiest board ever to ride $220
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    i was gonna say the al merrick bisquit but someone beat me too it. i dont feel like reading all the posts above but the webber spoon also may be a nice board and sorry if its already been meantioned

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    i have a chemistry boombastic it is a super fun board u can ride it in any kind of surf..... i recommend u get it in future fins thats is the only thing i hate about my board

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    Quote Originally Posted by JDallam View Post
    buy my wrv it's a 6'0 but its a retro shape thruster super fun light and wide easiest board ever to ride $220
    ****, I'm got any pics of the board?

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    Ordered the Boombastik from Chemistry. Talked to Jayson Bennet (owner/shaper of Chem) awesome guy. He has me on a 5'7 x 19 1/2 x 2 5/16. Tiny for a high performance/small wave board. I am pyched! Btw really refreshing to call a larger company and talk to the owner/shaper (who was awesome and very receptive) and get his feedback, advice, and was willing to listen to what I wanted. In an industry filled with companies pumping boards out of machines to talk to a shaper who will handshape a board is nice. He says these specs on this shape is what I am looking for. Thanks for all the input