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    i am a senior as well, and i'm also looking at flagler, monmouth, and uncw. well i crossed monmouth out because thats too much cash. Surfing at college is great, but i don't want to surf my brains out in the next 4 years then be screwed for the rest of my life because i surfed instead of studied. that being said, i still would love to go to uncw, its my first choice as of now, because it has everything i want, including surf. I am also looking at drexel which is a great school with a good co-op program.. but for you i'd look into flager college, its becoming very popular and getting a harder to get into, which is good because it's now getting its reputation up around the country for being a good surf/academic school.

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    college isnt for over achievers, its for people who like beer, women, and future money (not in any specific order)

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    Im also a senior, dosent this completely suck it really is the only thing that makes me apprehensve about college...but I look at it this way, give up 4 years and surf because you can and have money - or blow it off and reap the rewards, which in todays world will be a tough pill to swallow. I know personally Im interested in Political Science and Government, so im looking at schools in my area, as well as Providence (which is 20 from a beach).

    You should check and see if your high school has Naviance (which is like a college matchmaker). It can be good for finding coastal schools. If you dont PM me

    Good Luck


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    Hawaii Pacific University. you can surf town all summer and northshore is only 40 mins away.

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    Richard Stockton College:
    I currently attend and plan on graduating this fall. I highly recommend this school for a bunch of reasons..

    I am a business marketing major, but many friends are in or graduated from the marine and environmental science program and love it.

    The nightlife is unreal. murmur monday at borgata, tuesday dusk at Caesars, wed the pool at Harrahs, Thursday anywhere in the tropicana, Friday the Chelsea, saturday the pier at Caesars, sunday rehab at the chelsea

    Atlantic city is also a really good place to surf, and very entertaining watching bums **** under the piers...

    Tuition is much cheaper than monmouth

    Close enough to go home on the weekends but far enough to keep your parents away

    The only thing that sucks is EVERYONE IS DIE HARD PHILS AND EAGLES FANS

    Philly's an hour away

    NYC is a train ride away ($29 each way)

    Hope this helps

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    I went to UNCW for 4 years lived in Wrightsville. Surfed as much as I wanted, partied and still graduated from their business school with a B+ average. It's sick down there but the surf is not as good as Cali or Hawaii of course. Good luck getting in... they only take a small percentage out of state. Try to get residency if you can.

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    was stockton hard to get in to.

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    i transferred in after 2 years at Brookdale. It was pretty easy. I hear the standards to get in directly out of HS are a little harder then it used to be.

  10. Quote Originally Posted by snobowin View Post
    ... If you want to surf Point Loma you need a boat or you will have to join the Navy or be a Park Ranger...

    Ruuuh? Since when?

    Anyways... not that I want more people moving to our state, but man I gotta drop living in San Diego for school. In the OB/PB/MB/La Jolla area there are 8,296 colleges. Give or take. There are a LOT of women and it is 80 degree average year round. This means that there are a LOT of women running, biking, and not wearing a lot of clothing while working out. Lots of hot hard little tanned bodies running around. I'm not kidding. Some of the hottest women in the country and they are not wearing a lot of clothing either. Surf is fantastic, I'm sure a little more consitant than the east coast (no offense). Partying is very cool as well. If you lived in either of the towns I mentioned above, you will never drive except to school. You will park your car on Fridays and it will sit there all weekend. You will walk to the bars and the beach so no need to drive. I'm not kidding.

    Also, the amount of Brazilian women in the OB area alone. Good God! Oh, and if your from out of state, do what a billion others do, go to one of the 9,457 community colleges out here for the first two years then transfer to state once you have your residencey.

    If I was a young kid, I would be all over the schools around the SD area.

    My .02.