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  1. Quote Originally Posted by aka pumpmaster View Post
    my new Ashton (3 WEEKS to build!!):

    Damn, can't see it. You use photobucket which is blocked at work. Damn firewalls.

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    I ride wynns, and they are sick boards, they can take a beating so i would say that getting a wynn would be the way to go!

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    Check out Cosmic Bull Surfboards in Long Branch, Bill LaFleur 732-870-3558 (shop #) Their shaper is Tom Eaden. I found them by accident just looking for a wetsuit and I'm glad I did. I had them build me a longboard and it kicks a$$. Bill is very good to do business with. I'm going to have them build me a fish as soon as I get the cash.

    Good luck, see you on the water.

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    This is the Wynn is just recently got . It rides really well I am 100% happy with it and I cant wait for him to make my next longobard

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    Check out:

    He is the glasser/finisher at Brians shop. He shapes his own boards as well...

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    Sorry, mofo. Just passing along my observations. I do not have an iron in the fire on this one. I did note that Wynn's shapes were good and my friends that have them like them a lot. I also noted the glassing issue. That is all there was to it.

    Quote Originally Posted by View Post
    This was a quote from one of my good buddies who rips. Seasoned guy who charges the La Jolla reefs harder than any guy I know "Before Brian moved back to Joisy about 1 years ago(he grew up there) he'd been shaping, glassing, sanding, installin fins, airbrushin (a bit), and gettin trippy with his tints and swirls here in San Diego for a decade
    I'd recommend one of his boards in a heatbeat

    infact I've probably ordered 25 off of him myself - still yet to recieve a dog-" Not too bad.
    Also, Stu Kenson has said nothing but good things about him over at swaylocks. JJR at LokBox also has said nothing but good things about him.

    rodndtube, you know that Brian runs a major glassing operation and he glasses boards for quite a few shapers, right? What you were commenting about was a poor glassing job (which has ZERO to do with shaping) on a board.... yet he runs a first rate glassing operation. How does he do this? Or maybe a buddy of yours had a cracked or delamed rail from dinging it in his garage and he blames the shaper. Your comment lacked credibility when you make that comment about his glassing slamming him and then prop up your buddy... that kinda lacked class man. Wow. Everybody I know who knows of him has said nothing but great things and you make a comment like that. Bad day?

  7. Cool.

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    Thumbs up Cosmic Bull!

    Cosmic Bull, Long Branch, Jersey Fresh! Bill LaFleur, Shop 732-870-3558

    They did my 9'2" Long Board and it rocks. They're great to do business with.