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    Quote Originally Posted by rDJ View Post
    Brian recently lost his assistant, Butchy, to cancer. His glass shop accounts for pretty much ALL of the contract glassing in NJ and most of the northeast. He has had to train new workers and still meet the glassing demands of the other shapers who send him their boards for glassing. I'd cut him a little slack.

    I've ordered customs from him. He makes beautiful boards that work well in our waves. If you would still like to use him, PM me and I'll give you his phone number. Are you looking to get a fish, groveler, shortboard???
    Thanks for the heads up......Didn't know all that......I'll give it some more time.

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    has anyone heard of galaxy boards? i think the guys name is will tucker, but not too sure...i currently own an 8'0 funshape by him. i'd like to know what other boards (if any) does he shape....ive seen only funshape/ longboard shapes with the galaxy stamp on it...also..check out gruvshapes surfboards- talk to markus- he's the man-loves what he does...
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    chris chase out of asbury park makes some really sick retro shapes, they are actually glassed by wynn. It is incredible how strong of a glass job he does, my board has yet to ding

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    Yo man check out Antide surfboards, NJ based, the guy can make you anything you want, just shoot him a email through his website

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    I have gotten 5 customs from Brian Wynn in the last few years and each one was better than the next (fish, HP stuff, etc.)--most recently a speed dialer set that board! His rockers and foils really work for what we got...I recently asked him to hook me up with a "biscuit" type board and he recommended different concaves and rails based upon our east coast beach breaks...

    also, you may just want to give him a call and just leave a message...he is usually pretty good on that follow up... are 2 fish I got from brian......I just love seeing boards on these types of threads...

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    Brian Heritage surfboards? what about those??

    live4truth, i like the finish on that twinzer....checking out that scooped tail thing...nice! how tall is that?...

    my friend just ding the ish out of his wynn this past weekend, after riding it for like the 4th time.all wear and tear though, it was a sad sight. which brings me to another question........

    repairs- DYS or take it to the shop? i usually do them myself(if i do them at all) but they end up looking crappy. i guess the important thing is watertightness...and no yellowing....whats your veridict old guys?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Aguaholic View Post
    I haven't either....I just want a response back.
    I contacted Wynn this summer as well, he got back to me after a few days and it was really who got back to me first. I ended up getting a custom from AJW surfboards and it's a nice fish with with specs I wanted but I ended up putting a hole in bottom of nose area with my heel after riding it only 6 times--but that stuff happens when you surf beachbreaks in barely any water.

    Wynn sure will get back to you just depends how long you want to wait, sometimes shapers are traveling around or at conventions, meetings etc...

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    I have a custom quad fish from brian wynn and it's one of the best boards i've owned. it was made with marko epoxy and after a couple years it's still in really good condition. it's my main go to board and i ride it all year round. i highly recommend wynnsurfboards.

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    brian wynn is the mfing man, if he didnt get back to you quickly he must be out because hes losing his mind, responses have been ultra quick over the years with me. A bunch of NJ and beyond shapers send their boards to him for glassing and all the top guys ive met on the west coast that knew of him praise his work. he worked under stu kenson for years and innovated his own work beyond that. My wynn shapes have been epic and the best glass jobs of any board ive owned, i cant praise his stuff enough. although im gonna be selfish and hope he doesnt get a surge of business becuase im about to order a new board

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