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    Fixing EPS foam?

    Hey guys i bought a carbon fiber railed JS paraletic last year. I love it but my dumb friends knocked it on the ground near some rocks. There are 2 open dings on it on the bottom. Its made out of EPS foam and I was wondering if any of you guys know how to fix that.

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    i know they have epoxy repair kits at like every surf shop, or ding dough i heard works good for tuflites, but if its like a crack, then you could even take this stuff called elephant seal, and put it over, its like clear tape, it works really good

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    thanks i was thinking i had to buy some special type of resin but the epoxy repair kit will work

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    Also, make a plan. . .

    . . . to get new friends who aren't nearly so dumb.

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    haha don't worry i dont hang out with them anymore they screwed up mine and messed up my one friend's rail on his board. BTW-they don't surf they were all kooks i new from philly lol

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    ding-all makes an epoxy repair kit that comes with sand paper, fiberglass, epoxy resin, and hardener, whatever you do dont use polyester resin it will eat holes in eps foam and thats bad. sun cure makes a quick fix epoxy resin that you just squeeze into the repair and let it sit in the sun for like ten minutes its not the best looking or functioning stuff but its good for quick repairs i carry a tube of it in my car and when i travel. for a legit fix do the ding-all kit and take your time and do it right
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