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Thread: Aruba Surf

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    Aruba Surf

    Heading to Aruba this weekend and was hoping to grab a surf there if possible. I cannot really find any surf forecast website on Aruba and I don't know much about the surf down there. I would imagine it's mostly reef but I am looking for a break that isn't over sharp or shallow reef.

    Anyone ever surf there or have any advice?

    FYI - I'm staying on Palm Beach.
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    Where your staying on palm beach is on the opposite side of the island from waves. It is definitly sketchy to surf the other side by yourself though. I would recomend contacting the one real surf shop on the island and see if you can tag along with them. they surf every morning and late afternoon due to the fact it blows out in the late am. is the shops website
    If theres some swell in the water, you can get lucky and score some of the better reefs in aruba. But watch out for sharks baracuda and gnarly ass reef with urchins everywhere .

    Heres most of the surfable spots on the island check out outside rodgers beach if theres a big swell. I was in aruba two years ago durring a big swell and OR was sick