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It's not for everybody but I work as a US Merchant Marine (basically a commercial sailor). I work a four week on for week off schedule on a ocean going tug. I can live anywhere as long as I can fly or drive to the boat. I started doing this after I moved back from SD and live in Margate, one of the towns on Absecon Island including AC. It would be great to still be living in SD but I really love Margate. It's a year round town, great nightlife, and lots of decent surf spots between AC, OC and towns south. The pay is really good so it gives me a opportunity to travel somewhere during my month off.
I looked into getting a Job on the tugs when I worked for the ferry . I couldnt come up with any info.

Right Now I and a diesel mechanic for Pepsi. I like the job I got good pay , Time off, and awsome advancment. Hours are 12 noon to 8:30pm which isnt so bad . I get my weekends off too which is a plus