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  1. Coming too NY Sunday

    Hey I'm coming up too NY from the Drity JeRZ wasnt looking for spots or anything but wanted an opinion should I come out earlyer in the morning leave my house at dark or come later in the afternoon?

    Shore breaks in NY are hot with the massive swell thats coming in do I go at a lower tide Any advice without sarcasim would be nice


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    i too will be headed to Long Island this weekend to get some of this surf if it stays good.

    Was thinking saturday- prob have to much current at the moment. would have to get on it early in the morning

    Sunday- catch it in the afternoon?

    i probably have to work 10-2am both nights and its a 4 hour drive.

    totaly worth it to score good waves and maybe a barrel.

  3. What part of Jerz you coming from and yeah I was thinking long island also where on LI u gonna be??

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    i am actually coming from williamsport pa where i go to school.

    i have off on friday till sunday.

    depending on swell angle there is a couple places that look like they might get good along Li that ive researched using google earth and

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    Maybe you should actually log off the computer and drive to the beach and look at the ocean and decide for yourself where to surf instead of relying on reports, wave cams and message boards. Either that or just stay home cause its gonna be too cold, windy and big for you kids anyways.