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    ocean city waves

    Hey i am trying to get into surfing, I was wondering if anyone in ocean city maryland knows the best spot for me to learn ....i was out last weekend at 140th st and i think due to the dredging i got mostly shore break (which kicked my ass)...any help would be appreciated Thanks

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    Go out at 48th this saturday

    In all seriousness, go to assateague. Plenty of room and mellow conditions.

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    Each day can change with the shifting sands. Look at a map (direction the land is facing) then check the wind direction. Once you find a general region with good conditions, just drive up and down a few streets until you find waves that are good size and aren't closing out.

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    assateague or north indian river inlet its getting kinda cold soon though, hope youve got a wetsuit if your trying to learn before next summer
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    My best advice is to learn how certerin wave/wind conditions break. Read the forecasts, then go to your break and check it out. See how they differ, then find out why the differ. Once you can do that, you can find your own breaks based on that knowledge.

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    Thanks alot for the responses....I will see if i can get the hang of this, i still had a blast even while getting my ass kicked

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    Also, pay attention. . .

    . . . to the tides as most breaks are quite tide sensitive as well. Some bottoms are deeper, and others much less deep.

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