Hey guys,

First time post. Earlier this year I finished an east coast surf movie called Joyride. It features surfing from Rhode Island, New York, New Jersey, Florida, and in small amounts Maryland and OBX. It's a fun movie to watch and after a few months of selling it directly I am continuing from now on selling it online exclusively. It is $7 including shipping and would make a great gift for any east coast surfer. The video features many East Coast surfers, but mainly Clay Pollioni, Sam Hammer, and Chris Duff.

to get a complete list of surfers and music, view the trailer and purchase a copy go to:


If you order 2 copies you can get one for free.

my email peteosinski@gmail.com, I'd appreciate any feedback.

I'll post this in the rest of the East Coast threads, besides that I would appreciate it if you spread the word! I've sold about 500 so far and have about that many left.