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Thread: Lido Beach?

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    Lido Beach?

    Has anyone surfed Lido since the beach renourishment? is it still o.k? it used to be one of my favorite spots, but im not sure if it will ever be the same.

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    i surfed it a few times since they dredged it and i have scored it pretty good.
    im still waiting for a good size swell but i surfed it about chest high and i was connecting some walled up lines i couldent believe it wasent all one big closeout

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    All the times I've checked it has been shorebreak close outs. I think Lido's gotton worse IMO..

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    Was my favorite right! Just blame Dubya Bush! He told the Army Corp of Engineers beach erosion is an axis of evil! jk tho... The swell angle and tide will decide if it's gonna be walled or not. Got some nice waves since the fill and positive there will be a couple great days this winter.

    A shovel may not get the jetty back...but imagine what 1000 could do! Come on out Saturday and don't forget your spadeeee!!!