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    I live in St. Aug year round and have some friends that never even wear more then a wetsuit top. I personally wear a 3/2 but NEVER have had to wear anything thicker in Florida. Also not sure if anybody has confirmed this for you but there is no rules on surfing near the pier.

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    Bring a 3/2.
    December - March almost everyone is wearing a full suit around here. I've already seen people in spring suits.

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    Thanks guys. Sounds like people down there are like up here. Some people tolerate the cold better than others. Yesterday was typical, I was in a 3/2 full, someone else in a shorty, and some grom in board shorts. Needless to say, I'll bring all my toys and wetsuits. No way I'm driving all that way and not be able to go in the water because I don't have the right suit! Any good places to each (ie. cheap, clean and good quantity) in St. Aug? I'm thinking we'll head there early December to check it out.