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    Green Room Board Co Factory Openhouse

    The boys at Green Room (Wilmington NC) are having an openhouse at thier factory behind Williams Cleaners at Monkey Junction on Saturday October 24th. Thier shaper Jimmy Keith will be around for questions and there is a raffel for a new custom. Green Room has a really slick epoxy resin which they sell all over the sates, and makes thier boards super strong and light. Check em out.

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    wb and you can find me at crystal and sweetwater and all over wb.
    what time?

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    Should I call the shop and find out the details? Or will you post them?

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    The "open house" at the factory will be from 10:00 am until 6:00pm this Saturday. The raffle tickets for the custom short board are available now at the shop and factory for only $5, and as of last night, we have only sold 25 tickets! Those are some great odds for winning a $5 custom Green Room epoxy! You DO NOT need to be present at the drawing (4:00 pm) to win. There will also be free food, drinks, and Green Room merchandise sold at COST! The factory is located in the back of the "Hangers" building, in front of Home Depot, and beside Buffalo Wild Wings. See ya there!
    Factory 910-791-8136
    Shop 910-799-2772

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    Does the "for cost' sale include resin and glass? Or is it just shirts and such?

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    Yes. Epoxy and Cloth will be on sale.

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    The epoxy and cloth will not be part of the "at cost", but they will both be discounted. The discounts will also apply to Marko blanks.

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    Will the fins be on sale as well for cost or discount?
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    looks like some people will be more interested in the surf on sunday and may choose that over the open house

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    people will be more interested in the surf on sunday

    With the "open house" scheduled for Saturday (see posts #1 & #4), and the "clean-up" forecast for Sunday (see swellinfo forecast), I believe you will be able to do both!