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    Just build up and go out on smaller days and practice your duck dive and if you still dont have them down when a another big swell comes there is always the option of ditchig your board and swimming under. but you mite look like a kook but once your out there it doesnt matter
    Definitely agree. The more you do the easier it'll become because you'll build up confidence, stamina, ability and knowledge.

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    i find that stretching out really good before i paddle out helps alot when i go to paddle out especially in big surf.

    timing is also very important as to when you should get in the water, you dont want to paddle out as soon as the sets are rolling in. you will kill yourself fighting against every wave.

    instead of combating against the waves, find the riptide and take it straight out to sea, i find this most useful sometimes not even getting my head wet lol.

    pushing yourself all the way until you make it to the outside of the surf and getting time to rest is what gets me through

    practicing sprints up a stair set helps me to train my body for short rapid burst of leg movement kind of like getting through the surf