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Thread: rock throwing

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    you must have made some enemies... stop calling the cops on parties down the street

  2. Quote Originally Posted by Inletsurf7 View Post
    Maybe you need to start thinking about who has a reason to not like you if this has happened on more than one occasion.The likelihood of you being part of these random acts of violence is very slim. Make sure everything you know is documented with the police, including the first incident if you didn't make record of it. What type of SUV did it look like? What color? What state tag?
    Word. You don't get your house shot at and then car windows smashed in a couple days later randomly out of the blue. Also, if the police claim the windows could have been shattered by a gun shot, and you believe it were rocks, did you find evidence of either in the car? something had to break the windows... both are probable, but leave differnt impact marks, and such... its tough out there in Lewes

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    I'm gonna take it as a random act, I am the loud poor boy in this area,and I will admit I don't like nor trust most cops, especially Lewes cops who just wait for me to slip up, and as for any enemies, I might have some but they would probably come a little harder than that. Either way I'm gonna forget about this subject cause its keeping me bugged.