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    Monmouth County Surf Conditions

    I surf in Belmar to Sea Girt areas and have noticed the typical breaks closing out more after "Bill" and the Northeaster last month. The sandbar is steep and shallow where the outside break is at low/high tide change. I noticed it big time this past Sunday with a ESE wind swell. Does anyone know how much of this could be due to the ESE wind swell and how much is the new sand bar we have? Any one seeing this at other breaks in NJ?

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    Monmouth County
    lb was kinda closing out this weekend. sandbars seemed totally out of wack also.

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    swell direction this weekend was South, not ESE.

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    Thanks, so swell was S.

    Looks like it is more E and NE over the next few days. I can't make it down till weekend. Curious if anyone is out Wed or Thur and sees better breaks at the jetties.