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Thread: Do people work?

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    Quote Originally Posted by eastshorerider2 View Post
    so how big was it today in oc,md? From the cam, it looked waist - chest, and it usually looks bigger when your'e out there.

    One report says 4-5ft with overhead sets.
    waist to chest

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    Quote Originally Posted by EastShoreRider2 View Post
    So how big was it today in OC,MD? From the cam, it looked waist - chest, and it usually looks bigger when your'e out there.

    One report says 4-5ft with overhead sets.
    uptown late was ok chest high and mostly just a drop

    couple other pix here:

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    actually, it was super fun today! better around early afternoon when tide was a lil lower and the winds had just switched, but a lot cleaner and still fun in the afternoon. definitely waist-chest, whoever that dude is that posted overhead must be out of his mind!

    i'll speak for myself: unemployed with at least 10 applications to serve tables out around town haha the only positive of that is i've been having some amazing all day sessions over the past 2 weeks! but damn is that travel fund getting eaten up fast without a job... anyone trying to hire an extremely bright, interesting, and funny 24 year old with a philosophy/geography: earth and atmospheric sciences dual major? i can do anything from clean, serve tables, construction, debate, cook, food/music/film critic, manage accounts, GIS, or learn any trade with a keen and eager attitude! haha seriously though!

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    if you are into surfing why would not find a job or career that would allow you to maximize your water time? Other then family responsibilities, you have no real reason not to put yourself where you truly would love to be.

    As far as conditions today,......if was far from perfect<<<<<<<regardless of what\ever report may have been posted. Waist to chest, very peaky, quick drops, and some hollow sections to be had if you found the right one. Pretty day, sun came out,.. offshore winds, just some good fun.

    Everyone is in 3/2 full at the most, duck dive with no hood,<<<feels great. The water is still so warm. I think it safe to say we will be in 3/2's into NOV!

    late afternoon/early evening on the 27th was good fun to

    As far as the crowds you have been seeing, I do not know what to tell you other then many,.. many of them are new faces,..very young kids, college students, kooks with no business being around people when they refuse to keep control of their logs when they are out in short board waves, etc..worst part is that they think they are entitled somehow, ....what a cluster !@#$, as the drill Sergent use to say.

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    Serving and bar tending is the only way to fly.
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    Everyone has crazy work hours in this town, which is why you see so many out midday. I work 2nd shift so I can surf in the morning and early afternoon. DEATH to the 9-5 grind!

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    the lineup always seems to get a little more packed when the bus lets all the groms off....I was out the other day and at like 345 around it got twice as crowded with the highschool crowd.......I personally work in the bar at the quality in on 54th street sat and sun night and tuesday morning lets me sufe whenever but its sooooo slow so if anyone out there wants a cheap meal or beer any of those days then come in and tell me who you are from these forums and ill def hook it up....

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    i lost my job to the economy in march.haven't been able yo find ANYTHING at all.finally,i figured instead of staying at home all the time,i just started hitting the waves.nothing kills the unemployment bummer better than nice waves & time to enjoy them

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    I teach high school and the worst is when I log on and see a crowd scoring good waves and know some of my kids are skipping to surf then they rag on me the next day about how good it was.

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    I'm a morning surfer, and can say that it's not that crowded early, but around 9 am the crowd fills in. But there are a lot of little peeks around town, not just 48th street. There does seem to be a bunch of new faces in the water, however, most of them show enough respect for other surfers.