Don't worry my man, I know better than to go there without the booties, and I got some fin savers there before a few years ago cause I haggled them when I lost a Custom X fin and tried to get them to sell me the store display model, since I only needed one. Well they wouldn't so I ended up buying a new pair, and they threw in the fin savers for free. That left me with 3 fins all the same, which (go figure) I lost one of them in NC and didn't bring the backup fin. THUS, led me to get the Eon fins.

So the story comes back around again.

I got the Vipers there last winter during a sale and I tried them on with the booties and immediately knew that it wouldn't work out. So I bought them anyway and waited till summer to use them and they have been the best fins I've had to date. Those "Original Techs" look pretty decent so I might end up coming home with a new set.

While on the subject of winter gear.... how about winter bodyboards? I learned that some boards are just too stiff for the cold water in winter, anyone know of some decent boards that give a decent amount of flex, but hold their rigidity? I've been looking at some Nomad bodyboards in the 42.5 range or something along the lines.. the one I am looking at has a variable flex triple stringer, which I'm thinking might be too stiff. Right now I'm using a board with double stringers. Any positive input is desired.