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Thread: New Board

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    New Board

    I'm looking for a shortboard that I can ride in chest to overhead conditions. My friends wants to sell me his board but i'm not sure if it will hold in bigger surf. It is a Ricky Carrol and the dimensions are 6'4 19 3/8 wide and 2 1/2 inches thick. It also has a single wing swallow tail. Does anyone think this would be a good purchase for chest high or bigger waves?

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    sounds alot like the shape of mine.. my 6'4 ezera ez-2 round tail can take bigger surf.. i would trust it up to well overhead.. but it is almost too much board for slow stuff

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    how all are you and how much to do you weigh? what is your standard short board dim.?

    I personally wouldnt by a board with a winged swallow tail as a step-up board. Generally the tails on those boards are wide. This causes them not to hold and surf well in bigger waves.

    I would suggest a round tail, or a rounded pin for a step up board. Also generally a step board should be 3-4 inches longer than your standard board.

    But remember this are suggestions and generalizations. Not anything etched in surfing commandments. hope that helps.

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    Im 5'11 & 175 w/o winter gear.
    my 6'2x18.5"x2.25" UM Pro was magical in hurricane bill and just about any other size over waist high.

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    You don't need a step up board for head high surf.

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    yeah, this isn't hawaii.

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    I have a board for sale on here that works well in bigger surf. Its a Bill Johnson CJ thumbtail, 6'2" 18 3/4" 2 1/4" with future boxes. Great board for head high and bigger swell.