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    another lead...

    I just got another lead last night....a different neighbor told me yesterday that they have seen 2 kids around my street during the day time at least 5 times over the last 2 months. They were not fishing or crabbing which is popular around my parts. Just "eyeing" up the place. Bottom line, someone has been eyeing my property up. They couldn't break into my home because of security, but everything outside is easier to take. My neighbor suspects that they live in plantation park, but not terribly sure. If anyone knows some little punks that live around these parts, please give me some names. Someone will slip eventually. Look for some phony paint jobs on boards as I suspect this will be the only STUPID way of trying to sell my board.

    Thanx to all...

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    check craigslist too bro. I would check into every board that is located near your town. They might try the bait and switch ie: list another board as to not raise obvious suspicion and when someone calls say that one sold but I have another (yours).

  3. WTF is up with Southern Delaware and all this reported crime? Is it because it is the off-season and people feeling like they can get away with stuff they wouldn't try in the summer or what? It is not a good indication of the future.... I hope you get your board and wettie back

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    i think the state of the economy & lack of jobs is hittin this area hard.when that happens,unfortunately,crime goes up

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    lower slower....Anyone hear about those kids that vandalized a bunch of cars right off rt 54 in selbyville. I think someone told me their mother is a prostitute. i forget their last names.. ring a bell to anyone?

  6. Looks like this product is coming out at a good time...

    Good luck with finding your gear. I hope you find it and the kooks who grabbed it.