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    WTB and indo board anyone have one

    They aren't using. Just figured I would ask here before I break down and buy a new one.

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    dont buy one, make one, six inch pvc pipe and a skate deck. plus then you can do flip tricks too
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    def. make one for $20 and a trip to home depot. They sell the PVC and 1' x 2' pine boards that you can "shape" into an indo shape.

    I made about 30 of these for a girl who ran a lacrosse camp once. Made them for $15-$20 each and sold them for $40 each.

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    Check these out, I use mine every day and love it:

    Local NJ company...


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    If you make it with PVC pipe the deck slides really well. Which makes it really easy to pop out 180's and 360's but makes other things a little trickier. IMO definitely worth it to take the Home Depot trip. .02