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    Anacapa Surfboards. Does anyone know anything about them? Reviews? Comments? Anything would help. I saw one cheap in the shop, only $375

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    Thumbs up anacapa

    I got a 6'6" Glider for my daughter. It's a Merrick design (Flyer) made in Thailand (cheap labor). I paid $150. brand new. They also make a pro standard and a swallow tail. Three models total.The glassing is good but not as good as Merricks glassed in CA. The board also seems a little heavier than a comparable Merrick and rides a little stiff (to me) The Anacapa brand is no longer made so you are getting existing stock ( This is the distributor and on this site they are $299. That's a pretty good deal for a new board.

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    My friend got the anacapa off the isle surfboards site. Depending on preference, you might not like that board. It doesn't float or paddle too great, but we're longboard people so who knows.

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    the distributors are dumping them for really cheap.

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    Nothing wrong with them. A good deal if you ask me... if your not hung up on brand stuff. Or telling everyone on the beach how cool you Campbell Brothers quad is while putting on your Patagonia wetsuit.

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    Agreed...picked up one as a spare...they are based off al merrick designes and you are correct, they feel a bit heavier to me but i dont mind a little extra weight to my board. Helps me go faster and turn harder. Decent boards all around though.

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    Quote Originally Posted by CMSsurf21 View Post
    Anacapa Surfboards. Does anyone know anything about them?
    They're a little stringy and the fiberglass gives me the runs, but it's worth it for the delightful meal sitting on top.

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    yea i was thinkin of buying one myself

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    Anacapa 6'6"

    I've had one since early last spring and ridden it a lot - anything from knee high to 2' overhead. It is a nice board - paddles easily, turns well, etc. It is definitely worth the money - I paid $300 for mine new.

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    Heres the deal with Anacapa boards. A thailand company came to Al Merrick and said we will supply you with as much foam as you need as long as you design templates for us to use. The street that the Al Merrick factory is on is called Anacapa, hence the name. Well these boards sold much less and were pretty much the same shapes as the traditional merrick's, aka the sashimi, flyer, ect. Merrick got smart and realized that he was selling his shapes for much cheaper, undercutting his own business so he shut down the whole operation. This is why they are being dumped and you can find them so cheap!