ok,i need some opinions from fellow bodyboarders out there. i am currently riding a BZ double platinum with a bat-tail.this is my 1st bat-tail board. i know they're faster than crescent tail boards,but i really didn't notice the difference till this years 1st hurricane (bill) came through. the conditions at our beach were head high to overhead right & left barrels with very steep faces.we almost never have conditions this perfect here.what i was noticing was when i would drop in the board had tremendous speed & i had a difficult time getting the board ledged up in the face to get in a more perfect position for a good barrel ride.i did get good rides all day,but i never noticed the speed of the bat-tail boards till this day & i thought i had more trouble than i should gettin it ledged up in the face.what are you guys' thoughts on this? do you keep a crescent tail board for big,fast conditions like this? do you have 1 of each design for differing conditions or do you pick 1 & master the needs of that particular design? my friend got a new board 1 week before this hurricane too.it was also his 1st bat-tail (custom x big mac) & he also said he noticed the speed of the bat-tail catching him off guard too.what do you guys think? i'm thinking of getting a new board soon & i was considering a MIke Stewart MS1 LTD.but maybe i should go for the Mike Stewart TR LTD (Tom Robinson) cause it has a crescent tail instead