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    Three study abroad options

    I am really trying to figure out where I should go next year, I have narrowed it down to three places, what do you guys think (I just want to experience a very foreign culture, score waves, and maybe meet some beautiful women )

    The Gold Coast of Australia

    Valparaiso, Chile

    rio de janeiro, Brazil

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    Gold Coast (2nd semester). I did it and it was awesome. But you should look at sydney too...epic reefs in the area.

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    brazil ! get out of your comfort zone, go somewhere where the culture is different than here, or at the very least where you have to learn a new language! plus I hear those brazilian girls can't be beat..

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    I would say Gold Coast but thats because i from Brasil so im use too there but like the other guy said Brasil's it way different it will show you a way different culture and way to think.

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    I've heard crazy good things about Australia. The women there love us. I'm planning a trip next year there, hopefully.

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    Well i think first you need to decide what the priorities are. Waves, Culture or Women. Australia for waves. Plus I don't now about you, but i wouldn't want to live somewhere that I don't speak the native language, at least not brazil or chile.

    Basically if you can manage to actually live there (they have crazy visa laws), Oz rules supreme, at least in my mind.

    And oh ya, you may wanna think about if you want to go left or right more. Chile has alot of good lefts, australia has alot of good rights.
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    Australia is awesome. i know a few people who went there for study abroad and they didn't want to leave..cough cough, they also scored the best waves of their lives.

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    the one thing that concerns me about oz are the crowds, are they that bad?

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    I'm also doing a study abroad in New Zealand in the winter of 2010. Anyone know about the breaks there. I've done a little research and have gotten some hits on Gisborne but I'd like to hear some mid atlantic responses.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kit View Post
    I've heard crazy good things about Australia. The women there love us. I'm planning a trip next year there, hopefully.
    I don't think you know right... according to friends that have been there and OZ kids I've met... the OZ girls do not like Americans.