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    wetsuit zipper popped off

    hey whats up guys just bought an excel infinity 5/4/3 like last winter and the ****in zipper popped right off and i dont wanna send it to excel cause theyre in hawaii and wanna surf this weekend anyone on long island that fixes wetsuites. P,s tried a ton of dry cleaners theyre all foreigners and dont know how to fix it

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    Ive never had to do this to my wetsuits before but Ive heard of people stitching rips in their wetsuit just like you would a pair of pants. Then I know surf shops have this stuff that is like rubber cement that you can put over the stitch to make it water tight. Again, never dont this before but its worth looking into..maybe it could hold it until the swell passes and then ship it out. I would start at the the surf shops to see if they have the stuff and then work from there...good luck, lemme know if it works out...

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    try a local shoemaker theyre usually good with things like that

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    Quote Originally Posted by batmanroks2 View Post
    try a local shoemaker theyre usually good with things like that
    Yea that's what I recommend too. I had one fixed for $5

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    try a seamstress or someone that does alterations to clothes. I had a zipper break in a leather riding coat and I took to one to get it fixed . cost me 20 bucks plus 10 for the zipper

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    fixing wetsuit zipper

    the little local shoe maker in Long Beach fixed my boy friends zipper on his wetsuit...right on Park Ave.... (where the new stores are being built that burned down)...they are still open luckily.