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Thread: New board?

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    New board?

    Askin for a new board for christmas, and i'm thinking about a shortboard. I'm used to surfing almost exclusively longboards, anything above 9 foot, but I've been surfing alot and i want to try some other stuff. I'm located in VB, so i need something that won't be a waste of time in smaller surf, but something that can also handle solid hatteras stuff. As far as my size range goes, i don't want to go too short because i'm still not that good, but i was thinking something in the 6'3 to 6'8 range. Probably about 20' wide, and i have no idea how thick. What do you guys think?

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    I'm tempted to suggest you get a 7ft-something fun shape to make the transition easier. If you're bent on going straight to the shortboard, I'd take a look at something fishy. Not a full-on retro model, but something a little wider and a little thicker. I was in Freedom Surf Shop the other day and saw a Vernor 6'6" that would foot the bill.

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    what is your height and weight and what kind of shape are you in. all of these will play a factor in sizing up a board for you. what other types of boards have you ridden besides a LB?

    As stated above, it would definitely be easier to first transition into a funboard, but not necessarily your only options.

  4. Based on all the info you gave I would go with a 5'4" Mini sims style board. Like around 22 wide & 3 thick. Some nice glasses in twin fin setup. Awww yeah. That would do you good.