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Thread: Your job

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    I work in Private Equity in NYC.

    I actually met the CEO of my firm by giving his kids surf lessons.

    In these times, it's a lot to do with who you know.

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    Dude, Coast Guard, SRDC Program if you want to part time it or Full time enlistment and with your degree you can become an officer. You can get money towards those school loans, be near the water, get the picture. I would have been doing that now but was diagnosed with Asthma after the age of 13 despite the fact I have no symptoms these days(do I sound bitter?), now I'm driving limos, yay...But I'm saving money, gonna either be teaching English overseas or working for club Med come January. Expand your perspective and ask yourself, where and what is it that you want to do? Then just do it...

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    Graduated May of 2008

    Got a job in August 08 as Document Control for a Mechanical Construction company.

    Got laid off in Feb. 09 and just got hired back Oct. of 09.

    **** is rough and am trying to go back to school for teacher education.

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    law enforcement is almost always hiring

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    I'm a police dispatcher at the University of Delaware but I'm still a student as well. Looking to work for DNREC as a coastal marine geoscientist. I've always considered the coast guard though...

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    Mission Beach/Spring Lake
    Advertising coordinator A.C. Hilton Casino Resort.
    I want a job with a pention though, firefire looks good and a lot of free time!

  7. Risk mitigation and compliance for the mortgage industry. When I talk shop my friends eyes usually gloss over and their minds start to drift.

    I make sure that the lenders work in compliance and that they work with good associates.

    The company I work for grew from under 35 people when I started... we are now over 800 employees in just a little over 5 years.

    Oh, and we went public. Second largest IPO release in the past few years.

  8. Quote Originally Posted by dave View Post

    Hoo-rah Devil Dog!

    Semper Fi.

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    head south. FL's tourist season is just starting up....

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    I got the best job of them all... Student, and I'm gonna milk it for as long as I can.

    In the summer I teach surf lessons for wrv, but I'm pretty sure that job won't be there again this summer. And I dj some house parties here at college and usaully get paid pretty well for that.

    And yo dude, I got a way for you to make cash... Its called selling nugs . Kidding
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