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Thread: Your job

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    unemployed, applying for OCS for the coast guard. Trying to find a job here in ocean city in the off season is ridiculously hard. living off of my savings that i was going to use to travel to puerto rico

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    I work in sales and marketing but this industry has been killed by the economy. Look at health care jobs with Beebe or AGH.

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    currently finishing up my bachelor's degree online while running my family farm, running a paintball field on sundays, shooting wedding photos for Folzz (, and in the process of buying an 18-wheeler for hauling grain during the winter

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    I work as a lab monitor at my school, and I worked at the beach during the summers. Plan on working in software industries after I graduate... if jobs are still available. If not, I'll just hang around doing odd jobs. My friend wants help trying to open a auto shop... so that's always an option.

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    I work in an IT department of a health care company and help to manage the many projects that we do for the other company departments - a lot of attention paid to financial priorities and balancing our ability to use the pool of company employees to meet the seemingly infinite IT demands of the other business departments.

    Anyway...there are a lot of jobs in health care right now, and the training isn't that expensive or time consuming. i.e. if living near the surf was first priority you could take a 8-12 month program to become a lab tech, radiology tech, etc. You wouldn't have the best schedule for surfing, but it would be decent paying job, stable, and pretty flexible geographically.

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    I Sell Organic and Gourmet foods.I feel its all about connections this day and age.Who ya know.Sometimes just getting your foot in the door is the most important thing even if its part time.
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    Quote Originally Posted by capesurfer View Post
    Trying to find a job here in ocean city in the off season is ridiculously hard.
    I was in that boat a year ago and had a thread on the topic here

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    engineers and scientists are always in demand...
    Engineers...not so much!! I lucked out and landed with DelDOT as a design engineer after I was laid off around this time last year.

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    Mechanic's are always in demand. No matter what the economy does people cars got to get fixed. Heavy truck mechanics are really in demand .

    I am a diesel mechanic for Pepsi Bottleing Group. I worked in dealerships when I first started wrenching and worked my way up to biggger stuff like Tractor trailers, Dump truck , Construction equpiment and Cranes.

    Pepsi is always hiring

    they got sale, driver, and warehouse openings in many locations and they pay good too

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    Finance in the druuug industry. Our sales have been going up despite the recession. I'm torn on the moral aspect of our products though. It seems like even the beneficial drugs have some negative side effects.