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    El Dorados Rehoboth

    Just want to give a quick plug to this restaurant. Best fish / shrimp tacos around. This is my favorite restaurant that I drive over an hour to get to from Ocean City (like I did tonight). If you are into fish tacos stop by and get a great meal after your surf. I am in no way associated with this place other than loving the food and being the previous owner of the surfboard / menu board over the counter. I would eat here every night if I had the chance (good thing it is so far away). Hope you all get some good surf once things calm down a bit.

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    Man and the tre de leche is rediculous.

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    Ya, El Dorado's is the bomb, and deserves a nice plug. The owner is an avid surfer, super nice guy, and cooks up the best fish tacos around. I think I'll go there after my session today.

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    aquilies is the man!!!! place is great, fish and shrimp is the best tacos ive had!

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    It is always great when you walk into a resteraunt to trade a board with the owner sit down get a great lunch and I am still riding the board.

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    damn right, the burritos are great, too! I stop there every time I'm down there!

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    I never miss that place when I'm in town, Aquiles does an excellent job. Everything on the menu is great - Check out the flan if you ever have room for dessert.

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    Thanks to all for the kind and encouraging coments, that's one of the reasons we strive to be the best.
    For all the locals that live in the area, every winter we have specials, like tuesdays all burritos are 30 % off, wed we have drinks specials, margs $3, beer & sangria $2, and every thursday fish tacos are only $2 all thru the winter and spring.
    Thanks again and if you come, make sure you introduce yourself, I'm there almost every day for lunch and dinner.
    We are open 7 days a week