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    You are some nasty F'rs!!! Haven't you ever heard the term, "Don't $hit where you eat"..... If the local waste facility was dumpig at your break, you would be pissed!! I understand there is a big difference in amounts, but still. Sorry I can't agree with you fellas on this one!!! But I did get a chuckle out of the thread

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    i love how i just revived a thread from 2007

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    I have 2 very bad visuals from this:

    1. You walking out of the water with a big skid mark up your back.
    2. You trying to explain and escape a brown cloud of hershey's syrup in the water.

    LMFAO !!! This thread is very entertaining!

    and one more F'd up thought.... something swimming up while you're letting loose, like those fish in south america!
    Hey why is there corn in the water?

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    its called shark sugar

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    nothing like an aqua dump. with a pretty bad bout of bali belly i did some nice work to the line-up at dreamland. clean, and so liberating.

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    You know when you're surfing completely alone, no one up and down the beach, and a guy paddles out and sits 10 ft from you?

    Does the aqua-poo seem appropriate in that situation? The ultimate passive-aggressive maneuver.

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    I really wanna know if ya'll are serious or not, cus one of these days I'm just gonna have to finally try and drop a deuce out in the line up just to see what it feels like

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    I was surfing Los Tubos once with my buddy in Puerto Rico (real sick spot). Had to absolutely take a dump, so I paddled in a ways and dropped the drawers and squeezed one out. About a minute into it apparently I didnt see 2 locals walking over. I was startled and immediately pulled up my shorts and started paddling out (not quite finished). I was a little nervous that maybe they saw me soiling their spot their homeland, but thankfully they didnt know what I was doing.

    Sometimes ya just gotta go...........

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    every single time i go in the ocean i poop

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    One the most enjoyable things about surfing in the summer Waaaaay better than pooping behind the sand dune.....thats disgusting !!!!

    wave kite movie