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Thread: A$$ Reports

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    A$$ Reports

    Maybe if we post up on the haters and the crap they do, they may see it and realize how ridiculous it sounds... Or it generally may help everyone understand that harassment in the water blows.

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    When:11:30 11/14/09
    Where: Cocoa Beach Pier - Northside
    Who - Blonde guy w/ tattoos

    After surfing a head+ 2ndlight AM, I took my friend to the mellower waist-chest CCB pier. No-one kookin or anything terrible... lots of waves, minimal current, and kinda closing out. Crowd was not thick and really friendly.

    This RAGING guy comes out w/ 2 friends screamin:
    - wetsuits are for pu$$ies
    - The F*** kooks are everywhere in the way
    - The waves were wasted on S*** surfing
    - He has priority cuz he was the best (big lie!)
    - Told about a 13 yr old kid to F*** off!!!!

    I sat on my board floating towards him secretly laughing at how much of an idiot he was. Got within 10-15 ft and he said I better get the F*** out of the take off zone. Scattered peaks, what zone??? Said if I don't lay down and paddle away in 2 min I'd be drowned! I'm 125lbs. Your granny could kick my ass... So another guy said chill out in concern for my life. The RAGIN guy paddled over and wouldn't let up and made everything sooo sh**ty for everyone....

    Makes no sense bein at the pier when 15 min south was blowin up at O. club? Crowds of all types of surfers are expected from that spot on any weekend, too!!!

    WHAT AN A$$!!!


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    no. not funny. at all.