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    spray painting tuflites

    does anyone know if you can spray paint tuflites? or if it just for some reason doesnt bond right or something.(i searched the forum and there wasnt anything on spraypainting tflits.)

  2. you can spray paint tuflite. The paint that is on the originally is just the same as enamel car paint. If you want to spray paint it rough it up with a very fine scotch brite pad to take the shine off and give it something to bond to, and i would personally recommend using an enamel based paint, but you can use acrylic (just doesn't last as long). Then after painting it the best idea would be to seal it with a clear coat. This is the same process done to santa cruz surfboards.

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    Yes I know people that have. You've got to be really careful not to get any dust on it because it will take on a property of sand paper. And then it will chafe like a mother f****r while you're sitting on it.

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    And if your gonna use a spray paint for it the best would be montana gold or the new montana 94. you can get them on for life