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    perferated eardrum??

    hey guys,

    went out today in some def way bigger surf than predicted for monmouth county. hard paddle out but got a few waves. headed back out another time and was almost out when a monster set came. broke right in front of me. duck dove under but was deeep enough. got sucked back tossed around alot but held on to my board. when i het the bottom everything went silent. i popped up after that completely disoriented. everything spinning. another wave of the set came i got sucked under again but this time not as hard but stayed under for three waves a friend told me who was standing in shore. popped back up almost inshore. got out completely exhausted and collapsed on the beach almost unable to walk. my friend noticed my ear was bleeding and thats when i noticed that i had an intense ringing coming from it. it feels like i jsut have water in there but when i try to pop my ears i cant. air just blows out. googled it and i think i preferated my ear drum which is pretty much just putting a hole right through it. im going to the doctors tomorow morning to get it checked out. anyone know what they do for this or how that could even happen? how much pressure form being under water is neeeded to do that ??

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    well that happens to surfers usually in bigger waves, when they fall and wiplash the side of there head... there goes the eardrum. that happened to Owen wright at the rip curl pro search this year. But thats ill. anyway, did you get any of those spitting barrels i saw every once in a while!?

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    been there done that. Stay out of the water for a while and cotton is your friend when you take showers.

    You should be fine without surgery. Most likely get some sort of anti biotic and ear drop. I am stuck with ringing in my ear close to two years after it happend. Called tinitus or something like that.

    It was pretty painful. Not when it happend but about 6 hours after the fact was when I realized something was up.

    And like you said, see the dr.

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    I have had the problem in both ears. Once when free diving I didn't equalize the pressure early enough and the other when my head slammed the water when I got tackled into a pool. Both of my eardrums are completely and permanently ruptured. The only real issue that I have is both ears ring constantly. Sometimes, when I go to pop my ears, especially after swimming, I will experience the same thing you have with the air just blowing out.

    I never went to the doctor for this specific reason, but every time I ever had a checkup and they looked in my ears they said they were ruptured; but it isn't anything really major that I have to worry about. They said scar tissue had built up around the sites and things won't get any worse. I wouldn't worry about it too much, but get it checked out if things get worse. At this point for me, it's nothing really but an annoyance, with the ringing and feeling constantly as if I have water in my ears------I have also gone completely deaf

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    That sucks. I started wearing earplugs this fall (more for comfort and insurance against "surfer's ear" than anything else - my right ear canal is already noticeably smaller than the left). I don't know if they'd get lost if I ate it in a huge way, but my ears definitely feel better after a cold windy session than they used to.

    I'm just using basic silicone plugs (Mack's). What do other people think re: plugs?