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    FCS Quad Fins? - HELP!

    Hey im not sure what fins would be right for my board and for myself. I have a 5'4 Fishcuit and im 90 pounds. Anyone know a good set of quad fins that would give me some good speed but keep it pretty loose? This board will mostly be used for small surf. Links would be helpful. Thanks!

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    To be dead honest with you, unless you're really tuned into your equipment, a high-end set of fins isn't going to make you surf a whole lot better.

    If I were you, I'd keep the stock fcs fins that came in your board. If you really feel like spending the money, give the FCS PC-3's a try.

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    My board didnt come with fins they took the shop lost them so they said i could have 60$ store credit. But i dont know what ones to get...

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    the pc-3s are a waste of money, they are the same concept as the m3s (which are the stock fins in most cases) except they are made out of a different, lighter weight material that have different flex properties ie. wont ride that different for the avg surfer in avg surf. the simon andersons are a better buy as are the dhd, ive also heard good feedback from people on the tc aqualines.

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    I was wondering what quad fin sets people like around here?
    Also, if anyone's tried mixing and matching thruster sets to create their own quad set?

    I've got a 5 fin convertible. This is my first quad, and I don't have a set of quad fins.

    Besides getting a dedicated quad set, I was contemplating using the K2.1 sides in the front and M3 sides in the back. I could also do something like GMBs in the front and M3s in the back, but I think mixing a large and small fin might not be good (though, might just try for fun).

    What do you think? What do you use/like/don't like?

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    speed dialers are pretty sweet...

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    FCS TC (Tom Carroll) Aqualines are the best quads FCS puts out right now. So drivey!

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    Quote Originally Posted by CSB View Post
    FCS TC (Tom Carroll) Aqualines are the best quads FCS puts out right now. So drivey!
    I agree they're tight. I have them in my fish and I took out the middle fin. I like to experiment with setups.

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    Thanks for the feedback! The Aqualines are the set I was eyeing up the most, if I were to get a dedicated quad set.

    Anybody try mixing up their own set with good or bad results?