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    Formula Energy Surfboards

    Has anybody heard or ridden any of these boards? I am not interested in buying one or anything (it would be cool to try one out though) but they look pretty interesting and I can't find any reviews on swaylock's and the only thing google tells is that rasta rides them.

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    Formula Energy

    These boards are really hi tech but eco friendly. Gary Mcneill shapes them and everything is about high performance surfing .
    Stringerless PU sugar foam eco blanks are vacumm laminated with hi quality carbon parabolic rails.
    Hemp decks are super strong and light. Nobody i have seen is close to this stuff.
    Gary's quad set up is unique and unbelievable good !
    Bollywood is this timber whole deck stringer model , Rasta raves about as well as a lot of good surfers in OZ.