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    Tide wrist watch?

    Asking for a tide watch for Christmas - any advice on brands or models that you guys have actually used? I have already checked out a bunch on the Internet so I am really just looking for advice from past experience......

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    Nixon Lodown

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    I have a Nixon Super Hero. Looks cool. Not very user friendly though.

    Also have a Freestyle Tide 3.0 (my every day watch), super user friendly, simple, accurate. I wear it to work, dawn patrols, etc. Highly recommend. Not the most stylish..but most functional.
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    I have the Rip Curl Ocean Tide from when they first came out. Its a pretty Accurate tide watch. It has a nice bright light in it and you can have 2 tides setting in it if needed. All I have had to do to it since I got is was replace the original band and change the battery 3 years ago.

    The new Rip Curl watch has multiple beach tide settings in it and I heard They improved the original once which i bought like 7 years ago.

    They are Pricey so if you cash is tight the Nixon would be my next choice

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    Thanks guys- Nixon is more in the price range vs the rip curl. I'm thinking of either the lodown or the channel T but I am going to look into the freestyle 3.0 based on LOSTsoul's post. I haven't checked that one out yet....

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    Have 2 rip curls. very nice watches.

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    I have a freestyle shark which doesn't do tides but it is pretty tight

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    Rip Curl...